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SIJSS Template

The following sections will define the formatting guidelines for Article preparation. The objective is to make the article look “camera ready” so that we do not need to make any modifications.

  • The page size for the document should be set to A4 Paper (210 x 297 mm).
  • The margins should be set at one inch (54 cm) all around.
  • The document must be single-spaced.
  • Do not use headers or footers.
  • The font used should be Times New Roman, 12 points (with the size exceptions mentioned below for quotes, tables, and references).
  • The document must use full justification throughout (with the exception of the heading that need to be centered).
  • The title of the paper must be in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, bolded, centered, and in 16-point font.
  • Each paragraph should begin with a left tab or first line indent of one-half inch (typically the default tab option).
  • There should not be any extra blank lines between paragraphs unless there is a section of text that needs to stand out from the other paragraphs.
  • The Author’s names (all Authors including corresponding authors) and affiliations should be in 11-point font, bolded, and centered. Please do not use honorifics for author names (i.e., Ph.D., Dr., etc.)
  • Main Headings in the document should be in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, bolded in the default 12-point font. Subheadings should be in Initial Capital Letters, bolded, and left justified. Pay attention not to orphan a heading from the text that follows at the bottom of a page.
  • If the paper contains hypotheses, lists, formulae, tables, figures, footnotes, etc., please read those sections below for more information.
  • References should be in 11-point font, single-spaced between references, with hanging indents (see the section below for more instructions). 
  • Manuscripts should be between 3,500 and 4,000 words, including references and appendices, should not exceed more than 10
  • All references have been checked for accuracy and completeness and should not exceed 15 references per article.
  • Before submission please check for spellings, references , All Authors names and designation.

The important thing is to make your document look consistent before it is submitted for publication. We can accept only Word document files.

We request that you to adhere to these guidelines while preparing your submissions. Template can be downloaded here