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A Study on UPI Adoption among Marchant Outlets in Kalyana Karnataka
Vol 22 No. 1


Digital Payments

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Sreeshavittala D, & Dr. Ravi. B. (2024). A Study on UPI Adoption among Marchant Outlets in Kalyana Karnataka. SOUTH INDIA JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES, 22(1 March), 28-38.


Unified Payment Interface, abbreviated as UPI, is a mobile based digital payment system, built and operated by The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). UPI is the fastest growing and most widely used digital payment tool in India, as far as retail payments are concerned (NPCI, 2023). From UPI’s roll-out in 2015, its adoption and usage have witnessed leaps and bounds, unlike any indigenous Financial technology platform operated in India. With usage of UPI becoming popular even in the hinterlands of India, significant impact is evident with respect to financial inclusion, consumer behaviour and banking habits of our population. UPI is also, understandably, highly preferred by businesses for its reliability, ease of use, and overall utility. The present study is an attempt to understand the underlying issues concerning adoption and use of UPI by businessmen in Ballari District of Karnataka viz., factors influencing adoption. Primary data was collected from a sample of 100 merchant outlets in Ballari District drawn using judgemental sampling. Descriptive statistical analysis and Factor Analysis were carried out, after testing for reliability and statistical validity. The results show that the selected factors viz., Performance Expectancy (PE), Effort Expectancy (EE), Social Influence (SI) and Facilitating Conditions (FC) all contributed significantly towards adoption and use of UPI by merchant outlets in Ballari district, together contributing towards 74% of the variance explained, thus validating the measurement model. PE was found to be the most influential factor, followed by FC, SI and EE in that order although difference between FC and SI was minimal. 



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