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Tech Transformations: Unleashing Efficiency in Small Firms through Emerging Technology Adoption


Operational Effectiveness
Customer Satisfaction
Employee Resistance


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Ms.V.Jenifer, & Dr.R.Sangeetha. (2024). Tech Transformations: Unleashing Efficiency in Small Firms through Emerging Technology Adoption. SOUTH INDIA JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES, 22(2 June), 16-24.


As small businesses maneuver through the ever-changing business landscape, integrating cutting-edge technologies becomes a cornerstone in enhancing their operational effectiveness.

Purpose: This study's primary goal is to evaluate small firms' overall operational effectiveness in utilizing and implementing emerging technology, with a secondary emphasis on investigating the effects on other operational facets.

Design/Methodology/Approach: A structured questionnaire was used to gather 384 responses from MSME industries as part of the study's descriptive research design. The purpose of the questionnaire is to assess the general effectiveness of MSMEs' usage of technology. The study examines the relationship between overall efficiency and the adoption of technology through the use of a structural equation model.

Findings: Findings from the study suggest that technology adoption significantly improved operational efficiency and increased corporate income in small businesses. However, certain aspects such as the company's capacity to compete in the market, customer satisfaction, adaptability to market changes, well-defined technology adoption strategy, and return on investment were not substantially impacted by technology adoption. Key influencers included employee resistance and government incentives.



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