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Examining the Factors Influencing Performance of 3PL service providers: An Empirical Analysis


order Fulfilment Efficiency
Transport Efficiency
Disruptive Technology Efficiency
Warehouse Efficiency
Logistics Integration System


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A, D. A. A. (2024). Examining the Factors Influencing Performance of 3PL service providers: An Empirical Analysis. SOUTH INDIA JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES, 22(2 June), 45-52.


Due to globalization and rising competition, supply chain services (3PL) are crucial in managing logistics, decreasing operational and non-operational expenses, and managing client and vendor relationships. Suppliers who offer 3PL services aim to improve sustainability and foresee client demand. Thus, this study examines 3PL service provider performance characteristics. Consequently, this study aims to Investigate the elements that affect the performance of third-party logistics (3PL) service providers. The study employed a descriptive research approach to evaluate how warehouse efficiency, transport efficiency, logistics competence, and Disruptive technology efficiency impact the success of 3PL service providers. A questionnaire survey of 126 clients was conducted using quota sampling, and the hypothesis link between the constructs was statistically analyzed. The empirical findings demonstrate warehouse efficiency, packaging efficiency, transportation efficiency, and order fulfillment efficiency. Disruptive technology efficiency and logistics integration systems favorably impact the performance indicators of 3PL service providers. The findings suggest that Disruptive Technology is the most prevalent domain factor. As a result, service providers should develop an appropriate strategy to improve service quality by encouraging sustainable disruptive technology tools and improving operational accuracy. This study can improve production and supplier performance through cost reduction, logistics improvements, and inventory management. This study will help policymakers and logistics managers create an effective framework for selecting third-party logistics providers.



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