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An Exploration of Artificial Intelligence and Human Resources Management in IT Sector


Artificial intelligence
Information Technology


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K, D. M. J. B. (2024). An Exploration of Artificial Intelligence and Human Resources Management in IT Sector. SOUTH INDIA JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES, 22(2 June), 220-230.


Artificial Intelligence is being used in human resources because of the change that has been brought about by technology in the IT sector. Major companies are trying to adapt and implement artificial intelligence so that the efficiency of human resource management is increased in the IT sector. The faith of the organization and employees in merging artificial intelligence with functions of human resources will increase the efficiency and performance of the organizations and employees as a whole. Merging and adapting the techniques and tools of artificial intelligence is not considered a matter of choice rather, it is essential for the survival of the organization specifically in the IT sector. The process of recruitment is being redefined by the tools of artificial intelligence with the swifting of resumes and also the applications by identifying the more qualified and talented candidates in a quicker and faster way. The tools of artificial intelligence namely chatbots and virtual assistants help in training the employees with the policies and procedures. The benefits of artificial intelligence are wide with the respective quality, speed, and working nature of employees. The process of investigation is involved thereby deriving the results for perceiving the artificial intelligence technology in human resource management. In recent years the growth and development of artificial intelligence is vast which helps in making decisions for organizations. The studies show that there is a positive impact in adapting the techniques of artificial intelligence in human resource management of the IT sector. 



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