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Gender and Parenting: The possibilities in Gender-Neutral Upbringing


Child Development
Gender-Neutral Parenting
Gender Stereotypes
Parenting Practices
Societal Gender Norms


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Mannat Chandel, & V.K. Shanwal. (2024). Gender and Parenting: The possibilities in Gender-Neutral Upbringing. SOUTH INDIA JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES, 22(2 June), 117-127.


In light of current cultural dynamics, this review paper investigates the viability and ramifications of gender-neutral parenting. The introduction briefly discusses the complex relationship between gender and parenting techniques. The context stresses the negative social effects of maintaining traditional gender roles in parenting and the rise of gender-neutral parenting as a viable alternative. The paper lays out a methodical approach with the intention of thoroughly analyzing this occurrence. The methodology section describes how relevant sources were chosen, taking into account a timeline from 2003 to 2023. Specific keywords pertaining to the gender-neutral parenting discourse from educational psychology, gender studies, and sociology have been incorporated. By highlighting the difficulty of challenging ingrained gender stereotypes in parenting, the findings section captures the essence of gender-neutral parenting’s promise. The study’s shortcomings, such as the dynamic and changing character of society perspectives, are acknowledged while highlighting the important implications for children’s overall development. The following recommendations call for greater parental awareness, education, and support systems and the inclusion of gender-neutral discourse in textbooks. The research’s novelty resides in thoroughly examining the potential and difficulties of gender-neutral parenting within the context of shifting cultural expectations. With a view to paving the way for a more just and inclusive upbringing for future generations, this review paper contributes to our understanding of the transformative effects of gender-neutral parenting. The study fills a research void by delving into the nuances of gender-neutral parenting and its broader social ramifications, laying the framework for future research into changing conventional parenting practices.



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