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Impact of Globalisation on International Trade and Economic Growth in the SAARC Region: An Econometric Approach


Gross Domestic Product
Economic Growth

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Mayakkannan M, Mrugan M, & Krishnakumar K. (2023). Impact of Globalisation on International Trade and Economic Growth in the SAARC Region: An Econometric Approach. SOUTH INDIA JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES, 21(2), 54-67.


Globalisation triggers trade activities worldwide, and it shows how to boost their international trade and expand the market outside of the border of their nations. The impact of globalisation reflects global economic development, has influenced the socio, cultural and environmental aspects, and connects people globally. Since the economic features of globalisation are certainly the most prevalent of these changes, it is essential to study the impact of a global market, trade, and economic developments. This analysis aims to study the growth of international trade and economic growth and impact of international trade on the economic growth of SAARC countries from 1991 to 2020. The study variables are exports, imports and gross domestic product and the data were collected from the direction of trade statistics, IMF and world development indicators, World Bank. The study analyses the averages, annual growth rate and panel regression model that has been used.



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