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Origins of Democracy in Buddhist India


Greek democracy

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K Y Ratnam. (2023). Origins of Democracy in Buddhist India. SOUTH INDIA JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES, 21(2), 178-191.


Aryan/Western Eurocentric political theoreticians and philosophers manufactured a striking historical legend that democracy, as we know it today, is the product of Ancient Greece, primarily Athens, as the ubiquitous place of origin. Scholarly work studying and interpreting Athenian democracy and its facets thoroughly and comprehensively examined and exaggerated the most impressive widespread conviction that democracy originated in ancient Greece. These writers on the origins of democracy asserted that the experience of democracy in ancient Greek city-states is the only worthwhile historical model of democratic experience that they invented for the modern world. 

The powerful principle of universal inclusion and incorporation emerged as the most significant single legacy from the ruins of ancient Buddhist India. Humanity was not just a spiritual or moral endowment but rather a total collective that nevertheless respected the distinctive attributes of its members. The Sangha is a consolidation of the process of humanising that all the people of the world are human and there is only one definition of all humans and each of one that is rational the Eightfold Noble thoughts path the rich universal resonance of humanity to be entire.



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